Tanjojutsu, japanese stick-fighting

Tosei Ryu - Stockkampf in Köln

Tosei Ryu Tanjojutsu is an extremely effective, Japanese stick-fighting style with the Tanjo, a 90-cm-long wooden stick. The style is suitable purely fight-stressed and thanks to his easy, direct and efficient technique extremely applicative for self-defence purposes. The techniques of Tosei Ryu order themselves also with different everyday objects as for example to an umbrella, belt and many other and the student learns to defend itself against the most common weapons.

Tosei Ryu training includes:

  • Tosei Ryu Kata (partner-techniques)
  • Uchida Ryu Kata (partner-techniques)
  • Drills (fast repeated techniques)
  • Freikampf with safety guards

Beside the efficient use of the weapon all the understanding for the body, movement, the body-axis and dynamism as well as for distance, fighting and reaction to the opponent is taught. Skilful, agile elusiveness and the use of body weight bring a special strength development with itself, even without being physically sturdy.

The basics of Tosei Ryu Tanjojutsu

Contain the following principles

  • Slashes
  • Thrusts
  • Levers
  • Evading
  • Blocks
  • Deriving the opponents attacks
  • Returning the strength / the attack of the opponent

The training is done with padded weapons to get the student used to actual fighting combat, without the danger of getting really hurt. All techniques are trainer slowly, easy, but precisely at the beginning and the speed and strength gets raised individually in the learning process. Tosei Ryu actually reacts to the incoming aggression, so the principle of countering stand in the foreground.

Tosei Ryu - Japanischer Stockkampf

Another aspect of the Tosei Ryu training is free-fighting with safety equipment. The practical fight experience improves reaction, distance and timing and is fun.

Tosei Ryu Tanjojutsu Kata

The partner forms and apllications of Tosei Ryu

  • Benkei
  • Musan
  • Kocho
  • Ryufu Hidari
  • Ryufu Migi
  • Fukioroshi
  • Hibana
  • Kyo no Yoi
  • Jifubuki Hidari
  • Jifubuki Migi
  • Ookaze Hidari
  • Ookaze Migi

After these 12 Kata the student will learn some special Tosei Ryu forms and afterwards the Uchida Ryu Tanjojutsu.
The Uchida Ryu techniques are against an enemy armed with a sword.

Uchida Ryu Tanjojutsu Kata

The partner forms and apllications of Uchida Ryu

  • Kote Uchi (Sa)
  • Kote Uchi (Yu)
  • Sutemi
  • Kuritsuke
  • Ushiro zue
  • Suigetsu (Sa)
  • Suigetsu (Yu)
  • Shamen (Sa)
  • Shamen (Yu)
  • Kobushi kudaki
  • Sune kudaki
  • Irimi