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We have Mugai Ryu, Genko Nito Ryu and Tosei Ryu dojos around the world teaching Iaido, Kenjutsu, Tameshigiri and Tanjojutsu. We welcome everybody to join our trainings, no matter if you have experience in martial arts or not. If you are a teacher and are interested in teaching one of our styles, please contact us – we offer special programs for you.

Please contact the corresponding Renmeicho for your country to inquire where the dojos are located.


Luciano Morgenstern

Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern

Mugai Ryu Europe has about 20 dojos in different countries like Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Turkey, Czech Republic and Estonia.

The honbu dojo is located in Cologne, Germany and the federation is led by Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern Mugai Ryu Renshi 7 Dan Menkyo, Genko Nito Ryu 6 Dan Shidoin and Tosei Ryu 6 Dan Renshi.

Contact data:
Email: kontakt@tenshinkai.de


Tony Alvarez

Tony Alvarez

Contact data:
Email: bigtony@senpokan.com


Alexander Nesterenko

Alexander Nesterenko

Federation of Mugai-ryu iaido Kan Russia is represented in 11 of the dojo in the following cities: Moscow, Pyatigorsk, Volgograd, Nevinnomyssk, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Orenburg, Kostanaj (Kazakhstan), Al met evsk, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk.

The President of the organization: Nesterenko Alexander, 5th Dan Mugai-ryu iaido.

Contact data:
Email: kanchonesterenko@gmail.com

South America

Diego Komori

Diego Komori.

Mugai-ryu Meishi-ha in Bolivia, South America, has 2 stable dojos and other presentations and expositions in different cities.

The Federation since 2015 is led by Diego Komori, Mugai-ryu 4 dan and Genko Nito-ryu 3 dan.

Contact data:
Email: diegokomori@gmail.com


Alberto Grossi

Alberto Grossi

The Matsuoka Dojo is located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and is a study group led by Alberto Grossi 4 Dan Mugai Ryu.

The group is affiliatted with Senpokan , USA (Tony Alvarez Sensei) and

Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha Niina Go-Soke.


Contact data:
Email: bertogrossi@hotmail.com

Niina Soke about false claims

Individuals who have received hamon (excommunication from the style, meaning their rank, instructor certification and licenses have been nullified and are no longer recognized within the style) by Niina Soke, the founder and head of Mugairyu Meishiha (this name is patented), as well as individuals at the fifth and sixth dan level who have left the organization and have started organizations of their own, claiming to have Soke successorship and ranks such as ninth or tenth dan, have had their names erased from the list of students of Niina Gosoke.

These individuals have absolutely nothing to do with Mugairyu Meishiha.  These individuals have also used Niina Gosoke’s name without permission to promote their organizations, an act that is designed to deceive prospective practitioners of the art. Mugairyu Meishiha, founded by Niina Gosoke, is a legitimate line of Mugariyu and is the largest group practicing Mugairyu in the world.  In Japan, the organizations legitimately practicing Meishiha include The Mugairyu Foundation, and the International Iaido Organization Hogyokukai. 

Meishiha is practiced all over the world.  Overseas organizations include the North American Mugairyu Federation, Mugairyu Europe, the South America Mugairyu Federation, the Brazil Mugariyu Federation and the Russia Mugairyu Federation.  Organizations operating outside of these areas that are not affiliated with Meishiha are not recognized by Niina Gosoke.